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MKDoc is a web document and web site creation tool that has been designed to enable more than one author to create standards-compliant, multilingual, easy-to-maintain and navigable web sites.

The accessibility of MKDoc web sites is supported through all dynamically-generated elements and pages being designed to comply with W3C standards.

Document content and document properties are managed through a web-based administration interface that has been designed to be as self explanatory as possible.

Using MKDoc, it's easy to create websites structured in a way that is easy to understand and navigate.

The structure of an MKDoc web site is made clear through the use of human readable web addresses, a breadcrumb-trail navigation bar and a dynamic sitemap.

The search engine ranks documents based on their relevance and allows searches to be restricted to sections of a site.

and various formats for the syndication of headlines are automatically generated.

MKDoc supports Unicode and this allows full internationalisation — MKDoc can be used to create multilingual web sites using as many languages as are required.

Our aim in designing MKDoc has been to make it as standard and as usable as possible. Jackob Neilsen provides an excellent explanation as to why the way in which MKDoc sites are created is a good thing in his web-site column, the End of Web Design.

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