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Listings Component

Listing component

Use this component to collect and list the Titles and Descriptions of all or Audience specific documents in any section of the site. Also, you can set the mode of this component to list documents that contain TimeRange components only.

Choose 'Newest Documents' to list the latest documents created.
Choose 'Upcoming Events' to list those documents that contain TimeRange components.

Enter here the base path on the section of the site.
Eg. '/news/' ( If you wish to form a list of the whole site, enter '/'. )

Enter here the title you wish to give the list.
Eg. 'What's New' , 'Upcoming Events'.

Enter the number of documents that you wish to be listed.

Match audiences

You can restrict the list to display only documents that match one or more Audience types.
( Keep your 'Ctrl' key depressed if you wish to select more than one Audience type.)

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