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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the editor interface of MKDoc. If your question is not here please send the question to the MKDoc-users email list.

I want to delete a document but the "delete" option is not available?
It it only possible to delete documents that have no child documents. If you want to remove a document that has child documents, you must first delete all its children. This is to prevent people from accidentally deleting large sections of their site and to prevent orphaned document from being created.
My [MKDoc] site is boring, how can I add some colours and a nice banner across the top? Maybe even a coloured bar down the left hand side...?
All these aspects of a MKDoc site are controlled via the templates and CSS files on the server, you need to edit these in order to change the look of your site.
I don't understand where the templates are held or how they can be edited. How do I get access to different templates?
The templates are files on the file system of the web server and can only be edited if you have access to the web servers file system.
I am editing a page - it happily updates text content but will not add a link. Is there a way round this?
Most of the default templates are designed not to list Link Components, apart from the inline links template. The way that links appear is when a Text Component or HTML Component contains text that matches the Title of a Link Component a hyperlink is automatically generated.
I am editing my site via Internet Explorer and I keep getting logged out?
Use the Refresh function (Reload in Netscape). You haven't actually been logged out, its just your browser recalling data from its memory (cache/temp internet files).
Why does the update I have just made show up in the editor interface but not the public interface?
Because the public interface has a cache, you can set the cache time using the Document Properties page.
I am having bother creating href links within the html component. It is for a single word, the name of an external organisation, to link to their site. I keep typing it in and then, when I go to look at the result the tags have been removed. What is going on?
Hyperlinks cannot be added via HTML Components, this is intentional, it allows MKDoc to track all links in a page for the metadata of the page and things like that. To make the word into a hyperlink you need to add a Link Component and use the word you want linked for the Title, you can also add an optional description if you want. This will make every occurance of the word in the document a hyperlink.

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