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Help and advice on the use of the Publisher field in the Document Properties page of the MKDoc 1.0 editors interface.

To add or amend any Publisher information for a document simply edit the Publisher form field. You do not need to provide any Publisher information for documents, this an optional field.

When new documents are created they initially inherit the Publisher information from their parent.

Typically, the Publisher information is used for in the footer of a document template.

Dublin Core Publisher

The Rights field is primarially designed for Dublin Core Publisher information.

The Dublin Core Publisher element is described as an entity responsible for making the resource available. It suggests the following:

Examples of a Publisher include a person, an organisation, or a service.

Typically, the name of a Publisher should be used to indicate the entity.

MKDoc uses the Rights information for HTML DC metadata like this:

<meta name="DC.Publisher" xml:lang="en-gb" 
      content="MKDoc Ltd. c/o webarchitects, 
               PO Box 1660, Sheffield, 
               S7 1XF, UK." />

Rights is also used by the DC RDF metadata file for this document, like this:

<dc:publisher xml:lang="en-gb">
  MKDoc Ltd. c/o webarchitects, PO Box 1660, 
  Sheffield, S7 1XF, UK.

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