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MKDoc-1.6.31 released

MKDoc-Text-Structured-0.83 Released

Petal-2.17 released

MKDoc 1.6.30 released

MKDoc-1.6.29 (stable) released

MKDoc released under the GPL

“Best Social Innovation” award for Multikulti

MKDoc Ltd wins £75k SMART award

Version 1.6.23 released

MKDoc 1.6 technology

MKDoc 1.6 Beta released

Threaded discussion component

MKDoc version 1.4

Booth Centre website launched

Laptop Challenge - the first multi-lingual MKDoc site

MKDoc in Japanese

MKDoc in Punjabi

MKDoc version 1.2

MKDoc version 1.1

Help is @ Hand MKDoc site

Irish Democrat MKDoc site

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Threaded discussion component

A discussion component is being developed for MKDoc which uses an email IMAP server as the back-end database.

Initally this will be set up so that members of the public who create user accounts on an MKDoc web site will be able to post messages to a web board style discussion forum. MKDoc documents will be able to have one or more discussions components per document and each discussion component will have a corresponding IMAP folder.

In the future it is planned that the discussion component will also be able to be used to create web archives of email list discussions.

As a part of this development, and on the basis that it is planned to enable all the metadata and data on a MKDoc web site to be served as RSS 1.0, an RSS Email Module is being developed.

The What is IMAP? document on the IMAP web site explains what IMAP is.

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