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Cache files regeneration

Cache friendly headers 3.11 or less required

Group options

Linked Images

Perl less that 5.8.8 required messages in Apache error logs

White space in automatic links

Stable 1.6

Feature Requests



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Listed bugs

Example Child Document
This is an example of a child document.
2006-07-27 03:51:01
Cache friendly headers
MKDoc documents don't produce any cache friendly headers.
2006-07-06 07:03:02
Cache files regeneration
The petal cache dir appears full of new cache files whereas they should only be as old as the first use
2006-06-15 05:31:27
Fedora Core 4
Documentation of an attempt to duplicate the errors that one has when running MKDoc on FC5.
2006-06-08 04:00:55
Fedora Core 5
How to reproduce an error related to the version of Encode that ships with Perl 5.8.8 on Fedora Core 5.
2006-06-08 03:15:10 messages in Apache error logs
There are some things that are written to the pache error logs that need identifying and fixing.
2006-06-05 05:22:51
Linked Images
There is a bug with the URI's generated for linked images, that is image components that have the same title as link components.
2006-05-09 04:13:59 3.11 or less required
MKDoc doesn't work with versions of later than 3.11.
2006-04-12 01:28:34
Group options
You apparently have the option of removing a Group access from a document if you are a member of that Group, even though the document's parent is a member of that Group. You can't actually do this, it just appears that you can as the Group box is not grayed-out. You are allowed to untick this box, as though you've unselected a Group, and then submit the amendment by saving the page. But then if you go back to the Group box in question, you find it still ticked and now grayed-out. This is how it should have appeared in the first place.
2006-02-08 01:24:00

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