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Linked Images

Perl less that 5.8.8 required messages in Apache error logs

White space in automatic links

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Linked Images

This bug was reported to mkdoc-dev on 18th April 2006:

Images that have titles that match the title of a link component have a bug in the way their links are constructed.

For example, on a site with for the public and for admin:

  • Upload a image titled “example”

  • Add the text “example” to a text component

  • Create a /about/example/ document

  • Add a link component with the title set to “example” and the uri to “/about/example/”

Then in the public interface everything should be fine, the text “example” and the image example both link to

But when in admin the text links to but the image links to — ie the public interface not the users interface.

There is nothing in the template that contains the domain name so this bug must be in the code.

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