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Javascript wysiwyg editor broken

Links to hidden docs from hidden docs

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Links to hidden docs from hidden docs

This has been fixed for 1.6:

Actually, the bug was that hidden documents should be visible to editors, not that they should be visible to hidden documents. This second patch fixed this for 1.6:

Hidden docs should have hyperlinks automatically generated for hidden child documents, see the 1.6 and 1.8 hidden docs don't link to other hidden docs thread.

The code that generates the links to showable documents is this in flo/

        # plus we want to hyperlink all the children
        foreach my $child ($document->children_showable)
push @links, {
   class => "mkdoc-name-". $child->name,
    href => $child->uri,
    desc => $child->description,
    expr => $child->title,
    lang => $child->lang,

I guess it needs wrapping in an if that does, if this is a hidden document then link to all child documents irrespective oftheir showable status else only link to showable documents.

This will be a bit more complicated for 1.8 because there shouldn't be automatic links to versioned documents…

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