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Unstable 1.8

In the MKDoc-1.8 unstable branch, bugs can be Critical, Normal, Resolved, Wishlist, Uncategorised or Feature Requests.

Please report bugs by sending an email to the MKDoc Developers.

Critical severity bug reports

MKDoc::Apache_Cache fails
MKDoc::Apache_Cache has some normal bugs which need fixing, but doesn't work at all with MKDoc-1.8 - double carriage returns are added within the http headers.
2005-01-11 07:57:09

Normal severity bug reports

Audience Metadata Ordering
The list of Audiences is in a different order when creating and editing a document.
2005-09-14 03:04:22
Missing MKDoc::Auth templates
Custom templates to overide the MKDoc::Auth ones are needed.
2005-09-14 02:36:55
Account details link
The account details link in the menu takes you to the wrong page.
2005-09-14 02:32:53
MKDoc::Auth Templates
All the templates from the MKDoc::Auth need importing to the MKDoc templates directory and methods that don't work need fixing.
2005-04-07 02:08:19
i18n:name string hack
There is a hack for gerenating <title> contents that doesn't seem to work.
2005-04-06 08:18:27
RSS Error Messages
The template for formating imported RSS feeds has code for reporting errors but this doesn't seem to work.
2005-04-06 04:55:47
Javascript wysiwyg editor broken
MKDoc-1.8 includes a complete wysiwyg text editor, this is currently broken.
2005-01-12 04:47:35
users domain generated
MKDoc 1.8 setup still creates two domain names despite the single domain interface
2005-01-12 04:37:31
doubleclick components
doubleclicking in a text field when editing components is not advisable.
2005-01-12 04:20:11
Scaled images format
Scaled images generated by the photo component should be either jpeg or png
2005-01-12 04:15:32
Preferences mixup
The interfaces for changing preferences and username are separate in MKDoc-1.8, these need to be integrated
2005-01-11 10:13:14
MySQL 4.1
MKDoc doesn't work with MySQL 4.1 it would be nice if it did
2005-01-11 10:06:57
authentication glitches
MKDoc-1.8 doesn't allow users to store passwords in their browser
2005-01-11 07:59:46
Links to hidden docs from hidden docs
Hidden docs should have hyperlinks automatically generated for hidden child documents, see the 1.6 and 1.8 hidden docs don't link to other hidden docs thread.
2005-01-11 07:51:49
warnings in logs
Huge quanties of errors are written to the apache error_log, see the error_log thread for November and the error_log thread for December.
2005-01-11 07:43:07
Opera Authentication
There are some problems with Opera and logging out, see the logging out doesn't work in Opera thread.
2005-01-11 07:03:01
Finder results
Links to page 2 of results doesn't work on the finder page.
2005-01-11 07:00:29
Versioned docs listed in copy / move lists
Versioned docs listed in copy / move lists
2005-01-11 06:47:00
500 error for .admin.userlist
requesting an unavailable URL shouldn't give and internal server error
2005-01-11 06:39:40

Feature requests

Apache::Filter compatability
It would be nice if MKDoc worked with Apache::Filter then things like Apache::Dynagzip could be used.
2005-04-19 02:22:23
Headline Component 1.6 compatability
The 1.6 Headlines Component has been changed so that it has the ability to list documents based on audiences, this needs adding to 1.8.
2005-04-07 03:46:36
Selectable Component Templates
The RSS component has user selectable templates, this feature should be extended to all components.
2005-04-06 07:35:17
Categories of audiences
A common request is to be able to group audience metadata
2005-01-12 09:32:28
Cleaning "titles" and descriptions
MKDoc::Text_Structured should be used to format "Title" and Description text.
2005-01-12 04:31:05
Magic linking coverage
MKDoc magically links to child documents, this should be configurable
2005-01-12 04:05:37
Sitemap plugin doesn't scale
The existing sitemap plugin doesn't scale very well and is indexed by search engines once for every document in the site. It needs to be replaced by a partial sitemap with the appearance of a dynamic sitemap.
2005-01-11 08:18:46
Comment component
The 1.6 and 1.8 experimental discussion components should be abandoned and instead a Comment Component should be implemented
2005-01-11 08:14:48
TimeRange component
The Time Range Component needs adding to 1.8, it exists in 1.6.
2005-01-11 08:13:25
There are still some templates that need the i18n namespace adding and updating so that they can be translated using .po files.
2005-01-11 08:12:28

Uncategorised bug reports

Wishlist items

XML and plain text sitemaps
Google supports XML and plain text sitemaps, it would be nice to have a plugin to generate these.
2005-09-14 03:00:27
Trackable RSS links
Links in RSS feeds and newsletters should be trackable
2005-01-26 06:41:23
File Type Icons
It has been suggested that having icons associated with file component would be nice
2005-01-11 10:10:57
Form Handler
A built in form handler has been requested
2005-01-11 10:09:17
Highlighting search terms
The idea of search terms being highlighted on results pages
2005-01-11 10:05:17
Apache 2
If MKDoc worked with Apache 2.x (and the corresponding mod_perl) then installation on distros like Red Hat / Fedora that ship with Apache 2 would be easier.
2005-01-11 10:02:25
Advanced search
1.8 has a document finder in the admin interface, however there is not advanced search feature for the public interface
2005-01-11 09:49:46
ECommerce Module
This exists in 1.6, but not in 1.8
2005-01-11 09:45:13
Cookie authentication
It was agreed that the ability to use optional cookie authentication would be good
2005-01-11 09:39:30
Installation improvements
The install of MKDoc is not easy, quick or user friendly
2005-01-11 09:36:34

Resolved bug reports

RSS Compoments don't work
Including RSS feeds from external sites doesn't work in 1.8.
2005-03-15 02:41:26
"Dogs" listed as audience category
This is a trivial template bug
2005-01-12 04:27:09
double escaped &amp; in link title attributes
link components show double escaped &amp; in title attributes
2005-01-11 08:02:09
Automatic hyperlinking bugs
See the interaction between Text::Structured and magic hyperlinking thread and the hyperlinking fails across tag boundaries thread.
2005-01-11 07:46:20

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