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Magic linking coverage


When an MKDoc document has child documents, the titles of those child documents are magically linked within the text of the parent document.

This is a very useful feature, but it should be configurable to increase the range of covered documents:

  • The default range should be increased to include the parent of the current document by default

  • Optionally siblings can be magically hyperlinked

  • Optionally uncle/aunt documents can be magically hyperlinked (drop this suggestion?)

  • Optionally all documents can be magically hyperlinked (drop this suggestion?)

This would make an MKDoc document much more similar to a wiki document, something else we can do to make MKDoc more wiki-like would be to automatically link to any document on the site when the text [[has double-brackets]] like so.

Ideally there should be a web interface for configuring this and other env variables.

At the moment if there are two child documents with the same title the first one is linked to, this same method should be used where by the closest document is linked to.

The order to link when titles are the same:

  1. Home page

  2. Children of the home page

  3. Grandparent document

  4. Parent document

  5. Sibling documents

  6. Child document

  7. Grandchildren documents

These should all be able to be turned on and off with env vars, eg the MKDoc 1.6 default:

SetEnv MKLINK_ROOT            false
SetEnv MKLINK_PARENTS         false
SetEnv MKLINK_SIBLINGS        false
SetEnv MKLINK_CHILDREN        true


File attachment titles should be automatically hyperlinked to the attachment. This need only apply to the current document and it's attachments. It should probably be set in an env var:


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