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Translate MKDoc Templates

With versions of MKDoc prior to 1.8 the way to translate the templates was to copy them and then manually edit them (all templates are called en.html and when copied they should be named after the language they are in, eg fr.html for a French version of the template), this is not an easy process as there are many templates and the translatable text can be hard to find.

MKDoc 1.6 has a bug that prevents translated template from behaving as expected.

MKDoc 1.8 has support for working with .po files which are the standard way of translating free software applications. This document explains how to translate the MKDoc 1.8 interface into another language.

Install a .po file editor

poEdit is cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor which can be downloaded for multiple platforms from the poEdit downloads page.

If you are running Fedora Core then there are RPMs available at Dries RPM Repository.


Download the following English .po file:

Then copy it using a file name based on the two letter code for the language you are translating it into (eg mkdoc-fr.po for French) and then open it in poEdit and start translating by editing the text in the bottom left window:

poEdit screenshot

Submitting the translation

When you have completed the translation please email the file to the MKDoc developers email list.


For documentation on generating and manulipulating .po files see the i18nFool module on CPAN.

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